A Truly Glorious Time! A New Generation of Young Adults Are Now Able To Experience Borat’s Bare Ass

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Image: Amazon Prime Video

In the early aughts, Millennials and Boomers alike experienced the mindblowing, life-changing sight that is Borat’s naked ass. With the release of a Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the next generation of young adults over the age of 17 will finally be able to fully understand what it feels like to gaze upon Borat’s unclothed rear flesh.


What a time to be alive.

Much like the moon landing and other jaw-dropping historical events, the older generations all remember where they were when they first laid eyes on the meaty butt cheeks of Borat Sagdiyev. Whether it was the curvature of his glutes or the dusting of dark, curly hair peeking out from his mankini - we are all captured by this tall, bizarre man’s posterior. Gen Z has experienced so much in their young lives, but they’ve seen nothing quite like Borat’s flat, white, bare bottom.

This new generation has been already through a lot; the degradation of American democracy, a car launched into space, a website where people can mail their DNA off in a vial and find out if their uncle is a serial killer, but they have never experienced a Borat film and the unbridled joy that comes with witnessing his nude Kazakhstani derriere.

As the cultural divide between generations seems larger and more fraught than ever, now is the time to look for what bonds us, what connects us, what makes us come together as one human race and say, “Wawaweewa, look at that gorgeous, hairy male dumper! I like!” We may have more in common than we realize.

How will the new generation respond to this unforgettable experience? Seeing Borat’s fuzzy peach is bound to change Gen Z forever. One can only imagine the art, music, literature they will create after feasting their eyes upon the unrivaled apple bottom of the #4 journalist from Kazakhstan.

Let us all rejoice! For on this glorious day, we will all delight in the miracle that is the hot, hot tush of Borat as we watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm only on Amazon. Prepare your heart, eyes, and ass with the trailer below.