College Textbooks are Being Retired and These Other Things Should Be, Too


Pearson is retiring textbooks and going completely digital. This is great news for students — backpacks will be much lighter for semesters to come.

This news begs the question: If textbooks are retiring, what are other things about college that should be retired, too?


The kid who sits in front and asks questions with one minute left in class.

If you raise your hand at 11:59 a.m. and say the words, “Going back to something you said earlier,” be prepared for everyone in the room to hate you.

RAs That Try Too Hard To Be Your Friend.

No one wants to eat ramen with you, Brenda.


The Dude Who Pulls Out His Acoustic Guitar At Every Party.

We all know this guy. The party has a great vibe, everyone is feelin’ great, then Dougie whips out his guitar and sings an original song chock full of bad metaphors. Way to kill the mood.


Awkward Icebreakers.

“If you had to be an ice cream flavor, which one would it be?” Emma said “rum raisin” and now we think she’s a psycho, so this whole thing backfired.


Wannabe Hippies.

You’re taking up the whole quad with your hacky-sacking, Brett. Also, we know you have a trust fund.


Dorms that look like 1970s Soviet housing.

Here’s your new home away from home! Enjoy your cinder block walls.


Passive-aggressive roommates.

You don’t need to label the weird stew your mom sent you, no one is trying to steal it.


Classes that start at 7:15 a.m.

No one wants to be here. Even the T.A. is hungover.

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